Pre Paid Funeral Plans

It’s simply a great way to put your mind at rest while you’re alive and when you’re no longer around to tell them yourself it’s a lovely way to show your family that you loved and cared about them even in your final moments.

Leave nothing to chance.....
Pre-planning your funeral now can help to ease the financial and emotional burden from your family at the moment when they are least able to cope with it.

Making the arrangements while youre still around means you specify the funeral details you’d like and, more importantly, your loved ones are spared the additional distress of organising it and paying it.

In short, with our funeral plan, you leave little to chance. Youre helping your family at one of the most difficult times in their lives. It is a thoughtful & respectful approach. 

A sensible approach to a sensitive matter...
If you have a strong idea about the funeral you’d like, a Funeral plan helps ensure your wishes are carried out by your executors.

Burial or cremation? Church or secular? Which hymns and music? Or perhaps youd like something a little more unusual? Whatever your needs, well help you put together the perfect package that ensures the ceremony you want without adding to the burden of your grieving family.

You pay todays prices and the money is invested in an independent trust fund on your behalf. This ensures that, however much the actual costs rise in the future, the funeral directors are guaranteed to be covered.

Why pre-paid funeral plans and not insurance plans………
Compare our funeral plans with the funeral insurance plans that are simply insurance policies that pay out a cash sum on your death. With these, your monthly premiums might end up costing you more than the sum thats delivered to your family. Moreover, your loved ones still have all the distress of actually arranging your funeral without your guidance.

Our funeral plan removes all these concerns. You can take out a plan at any age and (unlike some insurance policies) there’s no intrusive medical or health questionnaire to complete.

If you would like any additional information or one of our brochures including a breakdown of plans and costs please do not hesitate to contact us


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